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Full Stack Web Development
Full Stack Web Development

Intuitive and responsive front-end development with scalable and secure back-end APIs. An all rounder skill set

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Leverage your company's data for machine learning applications

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Improve efficiency and innovation within your business

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My Career
Software Engineering Consultant
2024 - Present | British Petroleum

Led best software practices across over 35,000 software repositories for over 2,500 engineers. This drastically cut down bugs, code smells, and security flaws introduced to the codebases.

API Build and Design Specialist
2023 - 2024 | BBC

Led best practices for API design and development building highly scalable fault-tolerant API systems serving over 19.5 million users weekly.

Senior Frontend Engineer
2022 - 2023 | ChangeEngine

Led frontend software design for HR-tech startup.

Senior Software Engineer
2020 - 2022 | Zencargo

Wore multiple hats in freight-tech startup from implementing and restructuring the back end, to re-designing entire domains in the front end.

Creator/Tech Lead
2019 - Present | synthCity

Created a music synthesizer social network allowing musicians to share synthesized sound creations and recipes with each other. Grew to over 2,000 users including Elton John’s audio engineer.

Software Developer and Release Manager
2015 - 2019 | Gamma

Coordinated the monthly release of 30+ company applications across 5 teams. Streamlined our systems to move towards more Continuous Integration which greatly raised certainty of our deployments while drastically cutting down failed releases.

Full Stack Software Developer
2014 - 2015 | Gamma
My Education
BSc Computer Science with Honours (First Class)

Studied at the University of Surrey. Awarded the top prize for best final year project.

The Art of Music Production

Course provided by the Berklee College of Music.

Design Stats
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Tech Stats
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Kind Words


"Zino is full of life, energy and enthusiasm."

- Steve Holden, Head of Software Development.

"He had a happy and optimistic personality. This was much appreciated when the deadlines were tight, as his presence provided a much needed positivity. He was innovative and were good at thinking outside the box."

- Sylvia Wong, Software Team Leader

"Zino was very helpful when I joined Gamma, he explained many things to me and was always patient if I got something wrong. He is a genuinely good and trustworthy person, and he inspires me by how hard-working he is."

- Tim Senanayake, Web Developer

"I worked with Zino as a tester at Gamma, he was ready to answer any questions I had and always aimed to make sure everyone felt included at work. Always the first to go and talk to new starters and make them feel welcome, a pleasure to work with."

- Ayodele Olokesusi, Acting Test Team Leader

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